About Us

The Company:  Based in Apex, North Carolina, Cuddlebugs-n-Cocoons carries unique high-quality velvety soft bedding accessories accented with a touch of soothing satin. The line includes blankets of all shapes and sizes, pillows and pillowcases, one-of-a-kind Toddler Capes, and adorable accent rugs to delicately adorn any child’s room or nursery.

In addition, Cuddlebugs-n-Cocoons proudly offers a new specialized tween and teen bedding line – The Edward Walker Collection, named after TLC’s “Trading Spaces” very own Edward Walker. Recognized for his classic elegance and urban chic style, Edward and founder Sandra VanSickle worked to create a beautiful bedding collection that is sure to please.

Mission:  Our goal is to design products that appeal and comfort our customers while providing the highest quality they’ve come to expect.

Distribution:  The collection is available at fine retail boutiques nationwide.

The Story:  Owner and creator, Sandra VanSickle, always dreamed of becoming a successful designer, but never quite imagined the opportunities that were ahead. Now nearly fifty years later, Sandra proudly offers her personal designs of some of the softest and coziest bedding accessories available.

“Whenever I held my daughters, and even now when I hold my little granddaughters, I call them my cuddle bugs,” the nickname that started it all! Since the introduction of Cuddlebugs-n-Cocoons, a children’s bedding and accessory line, in July 2005, the brand has flourished and matured dramatically.

When creator, Sandra VanSickle, designed her first blanket for her granddaughters she wanted something different and more special than anything out there. Complete with personal additions specially tailored for her ‘cuddle bugs’- the line includes distinctive details such as satin accents, hidden pockets, ribbon loops and immensely comforting minky material, Sandra’s creations quickly became a hit among family and friends. “Once I started making them for others, I couldn’t compromise my tedious high standards and perfection. Would other parents or grandparents want less than what I wanted for my own grandchildren? I didn’t think so!”

“I want to continue designing blankets that fit the style of today’s modern parent. Sometimes the style may be a bit trendy or funky, but at the same time I want to appeal to the generation that loves to hold onto quality heirlooms for their children…grandparents. But most of all I want children to have a feeling of comfort and security as they hold one of my blankets.”

Established:  July 2005